Domestic Violence Safety Plan

Domestic violence is bad for everybody involved. Obviously, victims of domestic violence are in a very bad spot, with few realistic options. Perpetrators of domestic violence are often filled with shame and are typically genuinely apologetic and often don’t understand why they can’t control themselves. 

The realistic best hope for everyone involved is that the perpetrator receive professional counseling and get themselves on the right track for recovery. Sometimes, it takes being arrested to convince perpetrators to get the help they need. If you are a victim of domestic violence, you should have a safety plan in place, as discussed below. If you have been accused of domestic violence in Florida, contact the Sarasota criminal defense attorneys at the Fowler Law Group to help you obtain your best possible outcome.

Developing a Safety Plan

Ideally, an effective safety plan is optimized for victim safety at every stage of abuse and is customized for each individual’s personal safety in mind, along with any family members who may be caught in the middle. It should include at least:

  • A detailed plan for escaping dangerous situations caused by changes in your relationship, such as dissolving a marriage or breaking up with a partner.
  • The identities of safe friends and the location of safe places, along with the phone numbers of these friends and local safety organizations.
  • A list of the essential items you’ll need to take if you need to or decide to leave.
  • Information about local domestic abuse resources and of your legal rights.
  • An incorporation of what you are already doing to survive.

Following this type of safety plan won’t guarantee your safety, but it should help make you safer. Nonetheless, it should be emphasized that your safety plan be right for you individually and your particular circumstances. This type of safety plan may not work for you, and some of the suggestions might even endanger you further. Always do what you think is best to keep yourself and other affected family members safe.

Help Is Available

Remember that there are organizations that you can turn to for help with your safety and the safety of your family. For example, if you can find a safe computer, for example, a computer in your local library, you can reach out to organizations like National Domestic Violence Hotline or the Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness to help you develop your individualized safety plan. 

Contact Our Sarasota Criminal Defense Attorneys if You’ve Been Accused of Domestic Battery in Florida

Domestic violence is a no-win situation for everyone unless and until the perpetrators get the professional counseling they need. If being arrested is what it takes to convince someone to get such counseling, then it may be beneficial for them in the long run. 

In any event, every person in this country is constitutionally entitled to a defense in court, so if you’ve been accused of domestic violence in Florida, let the Sarasota criminal defense attorneys at The Fowler Law Group help. Our experienced team can help you get yourself into recovery, handle your defense with compassion, work to obtain your best possible outcome, and possibly even get your charges sealed or expunged. Please contact us online.

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