Why People Commit Domestic Violence

Domestic violence, also known as family violence, is the use of violence, threats, force, or intimidation to control or manipulate a family member, partner, or former spouse or partner. In these types of relationships, there is a power imbalance where violence or abusive behavior is used by the dominant party to control others within the relationship.

Domestic violence is not only caused by men, but men are most often the perpetrators, and women and children are often the victims. On a global scale, one in three women experiences violence from a partner. Family violence can occur in any kind of family relationship, in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships, between couples, family members, and against people who are disabled or elderly.

Still, despite the near-universal negative opinions on domestic violence perpetrators, there are reasons that people commit domestic violence, and, as is the case of all types of violence, some of these reasons are beyond the control of the perpetrators until they seek professional help.

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Common Factors in Domestic Violence

The common factors in domestic violence relationships are eerily similar to the factors that are common among perpetrators of other types of violence, such as gang violence or crime-related violence, with the added factor of continuing gender inequality, despite efforts to eliminate it. Some of these common factors include:

Socio-Economic Inequity

The difference between “upper-class” and “lower-class” has never been as great as it currently is. People who are struggling just to keep food on the table are under a huge amount of stress, and males, in particular, feel the shame of not providing their families with a better lifestyle. It is estimated that almost a third of adults with partners reported that money is a major source of conflict in their relationship.


Abusers often try to minimize their use of violence and the impact that their violent behavior has on family members.

The Masculinity Myth

Males continue to hold certain outdated beliefs about masculinity, including what a “real” man should be. These myths include being “tough,” powerful, and the head of the household. They continue to believe that they should make all household decisions, including about how money is spent.


any abusers make excuses for their violence by blaming, for example, stress, work issues, or alcohol, even though this too is a myth. Although alcohol may be a trigger for domestic violence, it is rarely the cause.

The “Control” Excuse

A primary excuse used by abusers is that they “lose control.” Nonetheless, they don’t lose control in non-domestic situations, such as work or social gatherings.


Many abusers believe that they are entitled to sex from their partners.


Many abusers don’t take responsibility for their actions and prefer to think that the abused family member somehow “provoked” their behavior.

Our Sarasota Domestic Battery Lawyers Can Help if You’ve Been Accused of Domestic Violence in Florida

Domestic violence is a bad situation for everyone involved. Sometimes, abusive people actually benefit from domestic violence accusations, in effect “waking up” to their need for professional counseling. In any event, every person in this country is constitutionally entitled to a defense in court. 

If you’ve been accused of domestic violence in Florida, let the Sarasota domestic battery lawyers at The Fowler Law Group help. Our experienced domestic battery defense attorneys can help guide you into recovery, handle your defense with understanding, work with you to obtain the best possible outcome, and possibly even get your charges sealed or expunged. Please contact us online.

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