How Dangerous Is Crime in Florida?

According to Neighborhood Scout, there were 81,270 violent crimes and 460,846 property crimes in Florida in 2019, totaling 542,116 crimes. The crime rate in 2019 was 25.24 percent. This may seem bad, but the 2019 violent crime rate in Florida is 378.4, which is one spot below the overall U.S. violent crime rate of 379.4, according to Statista. If you have been convicted of a crime of any type in Florida, let the experienced Sarasota criminal defense attorneys at the Fowler Law Group help.

Why Are Crime Rates Important?

Individuals, families, neighborhoods and communities are all affected when crime occurs, particularly violent crimes. Violent crimes cause physical injury, disability, and early death as well as social and emotional trauma including depression, anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD). Violent crime can also lead to less physical activity, because when personal safety is threatened, people are less likely to walk or ride their bikes to their destinations, regardless of neighborhood income levels.

Why Do People Commit Crimes?

It’s easy for most people living safe and comfortable lives in upscale gated communities to be outraged by the crimes they hear about on television news or various websites. Nonetheless, there are many reasons behind these crimes, many of which simply do not occur to many individuals. Some of the main reasons people commit crimes include:

  • Poverty. This is perhaps the biggest reason people commit crimes. Economic deprivation is a primary motivator. Three billion people in this world are categorized as poor and living on a very low per capita income. In any country where economic deprivation is pervasive, it is common for people to engage in criminal acts. 
  • Drugs. People who are addicted to drugs will eventually do something they’re not supposed to do. Drug addicts are often unable to kick addiction and will turn to crime in desperation.
  • Peer Pressure. Peer pressure is a newer form of concern in modern times. Many young people commit crimes because they see a lot of their peers engaging in such acts.
  • Society. In today’s society, money and power are valued more than relationships and a normal standard of life. In the drive to succeed, many people fail to draw the line between their needs and wants. People today are driven to obtain “respect,” which in their eyes comes along with their definition of “success.”
  • An Unfair Judicial System. People who do not see justice served often become hostile and engage in crime. Though most courts do their best in the light of available evidence, sometimes the innocent are proven guilty and the guilty go unpunished. This is a reason to contact the Sarasota criminal defense attorneys at the Fowler Law Group, who remain committed to seeing justice served.

The Sarasota Criminal Defense Attorneys at the Fowler Law Group Can Help if You’ve Been Charged With a Criminal Offense

Crime in the U.S. is rampant, but not without some compelling reasons. If you’ve been arrested for any type of crime in Florida, including domestic batterydrug-related offensestheft crimessex crimes, or even traffic crimes, let the Sarasota criminal defense attorneys at The Fowler Law Group help. Our experienced attorneys will stand by your side and fight for your rights. Please contact us online.

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