Seven Ways to Get Your Probation Revoked

For anyone facing a possible term of incarceration, receiving a sentence of probation can bring welcomed relief from the difficulties of lock-up. However, as your Sarasota probation violation attorney will explain, the definition of probation is “the testing or trial of a person’s conduct, character, qualifications, or the like” – and the court will quickly revoke your probationary term if your conduct and character do not pass the test.

If you are wondering about the various acts that may bring about the revocation of a sentence of probation, the following details the top seven ways an offender may find him or herself behind bars for a violation of the court’s conditions:

#7: Getting in Trouble Again: It should go without saying, but getting charged and convicted with another crime will inevitably result in the revocation of your probation, as well as possible sentencing enhancements for the new crime. Lesson to be learned: Stay out of trouble – and remember, nothing good happens after midnight.

#6: Possession a Firearm or Weapon: Many offenders are prohibited from possessing any sort of weapon while on probation or parole. If you own guns and are worried about breaking this rule, you may turn in your guns to local law enforcement for safekeeping until you are permitted to lawfully possess your firearms in the future.

#5: Breaking Local Ordinances: Local ordinances are not always common knowledge, and breaking a town or municipal law (e.g., curfew) could result in a possible probation revocation (see #7 above). If you are unsure what the rules are, consult with your probation officer as soon as possible for clarification.

#4: Hanging With the Wrong Crowd:  If you are genuinely looking to revamp your life and avoid going back to jail, take inventory of your inner circle. If you spend most of your time with those who live on the edge of the law, you may soon find yourself back where you started.

#3: Partying All Night: Probation is not meant to be a fun period in your life, and your best bet is to stay home and avoid any sort of intoxicating substance – lawful or not. Even if you choose not to partake, there is no telling what kind of mischief and/or criminal activity could occur as the party rages on (again, see #7 above).

#2: Failing a Drug Test: Along the same vein, steer clear of any and all illegal drugs – your urinalysis will reveal the presence of narcotics no matter how hard you try and flush your system. Many times, failing just one drug test will land you right back in jail – and it is never worth it.

#1: Harassing or Intimidating the Victim: If your crime involved a victim (e.g., domestic violence, assault, terroristic threatening), you will be unequivocally prohibited from coming within close range of that person. One of the quickest ways to lose your probation is to show up at your victim’s residence or place of employment, even if your motives are benevolent.

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