5 Ways a DUI Can Stick Around Forever

A DUI conviction is not necessarily the end of the world, but it could mean the end of certain employment opportunities, professional licensure or eligibility for enrollment in an academic program. The following discusses some of the lesser-known impacts of a DUI conviction, followed by the best way to avoid unnecessary adversity should you find yourself facing a DUI charge in Bradenton.

#5: Occupational Hazards: If your job depends on reliable transportation – or involves commercial transportation licensure – a DUI charge or conviction can quickly result in a revocation or suspension of driving (i.e., working) privileges. Moreover, any future job prospects that may involve commercial driving licensure (CDL) could be eliminated from the horizon as employers are likely to shy away from the liability risks of a driver with a DUI conviction.

#4: Insurance Rate Increases: Think the criminal fines and penalties are expensive? A DUI conviction can also significantly increase automobile insurance rates, as companies are understandably hesitant to bear the burden of insuring high-risk motorists. Self-reporting and cooperating with the insurance company may help the situation, but do not be surprised if you find yourself denied future coverage. Moreover, if your DUI conviction occurred as a result of an accident, your insurance company will most likely not cover the property damage or personal injury.

#3: Military Discharge: The U.S. military relies on the tactical response times of its service members and typically views a DUI conviction as an indication of a more severe problem (e.g., substance abuse, lack of discipline). Military members facing court martial for DUI could face punishments ranging from official reprimand and extra duties to reduction of pay or dismissal.

#2: Loss of Professional Licensure: There are a number of professions requiring not only years of additional schooling, but licensure from the state. For accountants, lawyers, doctors and the like, a DUI conviction – especially if it is a second or subsequent offense – could result in the suspension, revocation or disbarment of the defendant. Why? Regulatory authorities assume that a practicing professional who may be suffering from a substance abuse issue is likely unable to effectively handle his or her case load.

#1: Custody & Visitation: A DUI defendant with minor children may face an unexpected modification or revocation of custody and/or visitation rights, depending upon the severity of the situation. In every state, custody and visitation matters are decided based on the best interests of the child. If a parent suffers from an alcohol-related addiction or is unable to exercise proper conduct in the presence of the children, it is likely the other parent may petition for changes to the standing order.

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